How to: Make A Leather-Bound Book Entirely From Scratch [INCREDIBLE VIDEO]

created at: 01/17/2016This video blew me away. It’s a two minute super-wrap-up showing you everything that goes into making a book from scratch, and then there are longer videos guiding you through each step in the whole process. Now when we say “from scratch” we mean entirely from scratch. If this guy needs a brush to use when binding his pages, he chops off some horse hairs and shapes a twig to tie with sinew from a deer he shot in order to make a brush. It’s nuts.   

created at: 01/17/2016The video comes courtesy of Andy George and his YouTube channel How to Make Everything which I recommend checking out. For the making of the book, you’ll see Andy create papyrus, parchment and glue from an animal hide, a pencil, wood pulp paper, and so much more. Enjoy the video below: