5 Inspiring Masculine Workspaces to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Eva Black Design

Some people like to peek inside other people’s medicine cabinets. I have no idea why, but it’s a thing. People really do that.

I’ve always been much more interested in taking a look at the offices, workspaces, and studios of artists, crafters, and designers. Here are five favorites that will motivate you to transform your current headquarters (a.k.a. couch) into a mad creativity centerl where ideas can grow.

created at: 05/02/2013

1: Rustic Studio. This workspace can be created in your garage or shed. You can use lots of second-hand items to keep it affordable and to add character. If you’re looking for a low maintenance space, go for this setup!

created at: 05/02/2013

2. Minimal with Collage Feature Wall. If you’re constantly archiving inspiration taken from the pages of magazines and newspapers, this workspace will do wonders for you. The feature collage wall is pretty much a real-life pinterest board. All the white space and minimal design helps bring the look together (say not to clutter!). Perfect setup if you’re a tactile learner. [Via: Shelterness]

created at: 05/02/2013

3. Minimal Corner. Forget the collage and other distractions. Get work done in this zen-like space. You can adapt a corner in your home or apartment without taking too much room; a small desk, a few shelves and a comfy chair will do. And just like in the picture above, have a bass or guitar handy in case you need to unwind. And, you know, can play it. [Via: Geek and Hype]

Primary Desk

4. Small and Cozy. Requirements: a chair and a desk. Easy. To set it up, move some furniture around and use the same palette used in the room. In the image above, the desk, lamp, and chair work really well because of the wood finishing. This is the best setup to maximize space in small places. [Primary Desk from DWR] 

Workspace inspiration

5. Shared. Sometimes you can’t have a workspace oasis entirely for yourself and you gotta share with others. Go for a neutral palette so each one of you can customize the space without looking like chaos. Don’t go overboard – just keep things simple and cohesive. [Via Home Designing]

Are you we convinced to ditch your couch and go for a proper setup? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Top photo: Eva Black Design]