How to: Give Your Beard a Hot Oil Treatment

created at: 12/09/2015

Most winters, I sport a beard (I’ve got one now), and I have, admittedly, never put a single thing on it other than soap, water, and sunscreen. As a “men’s lifestyle” writer, I see all kinds of facial hair treatments go buy and sold on cool sites I like, but my own experience is a big none.

And, even more admittedly, I would have had no idea what do with it even if I had a bottle. Just rub it in and leave? Wash out? Apply with a brush? Does putting oil on your face make you break out.   

Here’s the deal – it’s not complicated. The team at Birchbox Man offers this helpful video with all the details. Have a look: 

 You can snatch a beard oil treatment on Birchbox, or, of course, make one, ManMade reader!

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