Dec 09, 2015

How to: Make BBQ Sauce from Scratch

If you had to name a manly flavor offhand, chances are your first thought would be barbecue. It’s a pretty universally loved flavor by both sexes so chances are you have some on hand, but why not branch out a little and try making some of your own?   

Believe it or not, making it is pretty simple (it’s mostly simmering and stirring) although I was surprised by how many different ingredients went into its creation. Luckily though, most kitchens will have most if not all of the ingredients already since they’re all fairly common.

Check out the recipe here and let us know what you think.


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Joost on Jan 31, 2016:

BBQ sauce from scratch? Then you have to make you're own ketchup too. Or just use canned tomato. A more pure taste (and less sugar for the ladies) that will lift your BBQ meat up more than Heinz will ever do ;-)