The Scratch – Off World Map

created at: 08/18/2010

When you were a kid, you most certainly recieved a coloring book-style map of your home country, and were then prompted to fill in each place you’ve been. Or, perhaps your family kept a large world map on the wall, using a ball head pin to keep track of where one of you had visited.

“If You Are a Fan of:

(a.) scratch ‘n sniff stickers

(b.) scratch off lotto tickets

or, (c.) plain ol’ maps, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna flip for the My Scratch Map…”  

created at: 08/18/2010   “On first glance, it’s quite a classy-looking wall map, but if you carefully scratch off the places you’ve been on holiday, it reveals some lovely colourful and geographic detail. More importantly, though, it’s perfect for letting everyone know how exotic, learned and very Palin-esque you are. The top layer of the map is gold foil for easy scratching, and you only need to rub it with the edge of a coin, scratch-card style, to reveal the gorgeous detail underneath.”

Note to self- start saying, “On holiday.”

My Scratch Map :: around $24 USD

via and quote from Nylon