This Year, Upgrade Your Gift Giving and Focus On The Box

You spend so much time picking out a memorable gift that will impress, but then wrap it up in a boring box? Make that box stand out as much as what’s inside with these simple projects.   Gift Tags1. Custom Gift Tags  These small items stand out because they’re unique, durable, and completely custom. They’re pretty straight-forward to make as well. Take a look at our Brushed Metal tutorial here.Wooden Gift Box

2. Custom Wood Box – There are so many reasons an amazing wooden box is a great way to deliver a gift. The weight, craftsmanship, and general feel of lasting quality leave an impression that just won’t happen from a re-used shoebox. Take a look at our Gift Crate tutorial here. Another simple option is the Bandsaw Box here.

Map Wrapping Paper

3. Unique Gift Wrapping – Good wrapping paper is just so hard to find. Why not try to mix it up a bit with a few truly unique ideas that will stand out. The first is wrapping the package in a map.  This can be a really personalized option as you can get a map of a memorable trip or other special location. Another option is adding a leather string to tie it all together.   This small accent adds a bit of personality to the gift.

For more great wrapping ideas, check out our 5 classic gift wrap techniques here, and get a bit creative on the wrapping this year.