Nov 24, 2015

How to: Make Your Own Copper Pipe Bike Basket

The bicycle basket is a long standing accessory that's great for carrying anything from picturesque picnic supplies to laptops to bulldogs apparently. The copper piping makes for a slightly antique or hipstered look and could be all the makeover your bike needs. Alternately, just build the basket and keep it around the house, fill it with plants, fill it with dogs, etc.   

The design comes courtesy of Homemade-Modern.com and was made in 4 hours for around $60. Watch the video below or check out the instructions here for a full tutorial. 


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Jon on Dec 04, 2015:

And the chances of your bike being stolen went up 200%... come on, copper? Since there are people that chance electrecution to steal copper wire for $, what do you think will happen with that amount of copper displayed on a nice bike parked outside? Easy takings... I would not suggest investing in this DIY, it could very well backfire.