Get the “Mad Men” Look on a Budget: Set Decorator Amy Wells Shows You How

created at: 11/19/2015

I’m personally a big fan of the mid-century modern decor that has had such a resurgence as a result of Mad Men’s influence. That said, I think it’s easy in the men’s blogosphere to preach its virtues as the be-all-end-all of masculine home decor and go a little overboard. However, I found all of the advice from this interview with set decorator Amy Wells to actually be incredibly helpful in thinking about the feeling you want to evoke with your home decor, and also how best to implement that on a budget.   

Wells gives some great color palette options that men tend to under-use while talking about key design concepts, such as choosing a focal piece (artwork, a color or theme) for a room and working your design out from there. She also makes the observation that men’s homes tend to be on the colder side of the cozy-to-cold spectrum and benefit from an eye toward making a place more inviting and warm through the use of rugs and throw blankets.

Check out the full article on Primer Magazine and let us know your thoughts.