Oct 08, 2020

Fact: This Early 20th Century Swedish Tool Chest is Super Cool

Get ready to grab a bucket for all that drool...   This Swedish tool chest from the early 1900s just recently sold at auction for a healthy sum. The lack of rust and the quality of the edges on the cutting tools seems to indicate most of the hand tools had been used regularly until recently. (Or, I guess, the sellers really knew what they were doing...)

What's most interesting about the chest, besides its attractive layout and the very cool wood burl that makes up the tool handles, is the way the chest's carcass itself is put together. 


Christopher Schwarz notes on his Popular Woodworking blog, 

The way the box is put together with screws and beadboard [is fascinating]. The ends of the chest are framed – perhaps with mortise-and-tenon joints. But the majority of the chest is built by layering pieces on top of one another and screwing them together. Also clever is the lid with the hinged doors. After studying the photos it looks like the left door is shut first and locked in place with sliding locks. Then you close the right door (there’s a dust seal on its front) and lock that to the other door with a wooden catch. 


Check out all of Chris's comments and find a link to the original auction at: Boarded Scandinavian Tool Chest – Too Cool  [PopularWoodworking.com] 




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Jeff Hansen on Oct 15, 2020:

My grandfather was a carpenter in Sweden and brought tools with him when he came to the U.S.. I recall the the planes saws and the bench he built. I also recall a box which held many of his tools.Unfortunately my grandmother gave that and ALL of the tools to a passing stranger -- lost forever!
This has given the impetus to build one of my own!