Style Tips to Steal From Wes Anderson and His Movies

You can’t talk about Wes Anderson movies without talking about style. His movies drip with it, from the limited color palettes of the mise-en-scene to Anderson’s uniquely boxed sets and cinematography to his subtly grounded yet utterly original costume choices that seem to exist just a slight world away in the pantheon of Anderson cinema.   

The endless amount of research Anderson and his team put into their world-building is a true mind-cuss, but a lot of his signature costume decisions can easily be recreated or swiped and incorporated into a whole new look.

Cool Material recently put together this guide of Wes Anderson Style Tips, cataloging his notorious love for corduroy, his hip Clark Wallabees or the duck boots from Moonrise Kingdom, not to mention the instantly recognizable Team Zissou hat. Check out the link above and let us know if you have any other Anderson-inspired pieces you’ve worked into your wardrobe.