Workshop Inspiration: The Woodgrain Wall and Workbench

I spied this rather droolworthy workbench and storage area through some pin of a pin of a Tumblr of a magazine…or some other complicated internet sharing equation that’s left it untraceable. (If you can help us find the source of the original image, please let us know in the comments).

But a long look at the space reveals some key takeaways that are worth noting: 

  • That woodgrain pegboard is totally amazing, and I’m pretty sure not available in the United States. But you could technically use an existing piece of pegboard as a template to perfectly drill out a piece of plywood with holes 1″ on center
  • Always make room for the things that make shop work pleasant. Note the radio and the pourover coffee setup
  • European softwoods have a much more pleasing grain pattern than those native to the U.S. Shame…
  • Those drawers and cabinets are actually pretty simple and primitive in a good way. But done well, they look amazing and seem to do the job, though they won’t be protected from sawdust. Maybe you don’t need fancy hardwood fronts and sliding hardware. 
  • Power outlets directly available on the benchtop are essential
  • That chisel/file/tool rack is super cool. It looks like its two pieces of wood sandwiched together with mortises or holes for each tool shaft. Making it with the same wood pegboard (or at least adding the same dot pattern) helps it blend in perfectly.

Now – be inspired, and go do one thing awesome for your shop. We’re gonna go create some more of these: How to: Build a Simple DIY Pegboard Shelf