A Simple Life is the Happiest

Ocean View We all need a reminder that life is too short to spend inside. Here’s a fantastic video by a man who decided to live a life outside and as he says: “A simple life is the happiest”.   I don’t know about you, but it feels like I spend too much time inside taking care of my ever growing pile of stuff. Even though it’s great to get out and play in the woods, those times just seem to come fewer and farther between. Here’s a reminder I think we all need that it’s beautiful out there, and your greatest memories will never be of your things, they will be of the world you saw and the experiences you had in it.

Bagmaker brand Millican put the video together. They say this about the project:

“In the early 1900s, outdoor pioneer Millican Dalton quit his conventional 9-5 routine in London to pursue a life in the open in Borrowdale Valley, in the English Lake District. He lived life in his own way, chasing romance and freedom from his cave on Castle Crag.

Millican Dalton chose experience over material gain and inspired us to do the same.”

Now get out there and enjoy this life one adventurous step at a time.