How to: Pick a Lock like a Pro… Cause You Never Know When You’re Gonna Need It

Last Wednesday I committed the absentminded sin of locking myself out of my apartment with the only spare key also locked inside. It was late at night and the realization of the struggle that was about to be rest of my evening was bordering on overwhelming. Luckily I’d left the bathroom window slightly ajar and after some clever thinking and a little jimmying, my buddy and I were able to take off the screen and slip through.    

It occurred to me in that moment that learning some basic lock picking skills might not be that bad an idea. Picking a lock is a skill that is often associated with criminal intent (which of course isn’t necessary), but a lot of people who learn the skill do it as a meditative avenue for tactile problem solving. So the next day I found this guide for basic pin-tumbler lock picking from and it’s a good place to start if you’re interested. It’ll give you a good conceptual framework for lock picking if you’re new, while also showing what to look for as you seek to improve your methods.

Check out the link with photos and video here.