Make This: A Leather Wallet from an Old Cowboy Boot

It happens to me regularly. I’ll be cruising down the aisles of a secondhand shop or antique market, and I’ll stumble across a great pair of warm and worn cowboy boots. I’ll do the mental exercise in my head… “Can I actually pull off a cowboy boot? And would I even wear them if I bought them?” I’ll shuffle around a bit, and then commit to at least trying them on, and usually with that, the decision is made for me. They’re always too small. I don’t have particularly large feet, but for some reason, the best looking ones are always the wrong size. Either they shrink as they age, or – most likely – the ones that stay available are the ones that are too small for most people. Cause if they feet an average sized foot and only cost $15-20, I can’t imagine they’d last very long in the store…

So next time, after I curse my 11 1/2s, I’ma do THIS with ’em instead.

This clever project comes from Alicia Jepsen, and its a great way to repurpose an unwearable boot. (I often see these sold as singles, not as pairs). No one is recommending tearing apart a perfectly good pair of boots, but when they’re just to worn and beat up, this is an awesome way to give that leather a second life. 

Get the full how-to at PoppyTalk – DIY: How to Make a Wallet Out of an Old Cowboy Boot!