IKEA Hack: Make a Super Simple Window Herb Garden

Sometimes, a plant and gardening project can be big and complicated, designed as a major focal point or landscaping effort that’s intended to last for years and many harvests. See this guy.

But most of my favorite plant projects are the simple ones. The quick and easy efforts that allow you to spread a little life all around your space.   Like this simple indoor window garden project from Jill.  In search for a way to add a little greenery to her current abode, she says “I decided the best and cheapest method for our little garden would have to be a hack of IKEA products, realigned from their original purposes to fit my own. Rummaging through IKEA for two hours on a Sunday (note to self: NEVER go to IKEA on a Sunday again) I collected the…supplies.”

Those supplies? A couple s-hooks, some cutlery caddies, and a shower curtain rod. And…boom. Indoor garden. 

Get the full how-to at Jillm.com: Window Herb Garden – IKEA Hack!