Mosquitos Bugging You? Get a Bat House

It may seem a bit strange to encourage bats to nestle down by your house, but if mosquitoes are cutting your evenings short, it’s a natural resource worth considering.   Bat House

Like most of human history, I’ve always seen bats as strange creatures. They come out at dusk with the squeaking and head off into the sky to search for dinner. Apparently, these dudes  can eat up to 1000 mosquito sized bugs per night, and once I heard that, I’m seriously considering encouraging bats to live around my place. Bat House

Building a bat house looks like a pretty easy project for the weekend, here are a few sites to find plans to make your own:

1. This Old House

2. Bat Conservation Organization

There is also a simple house available on Amazon Here:

Cedar Bat House $45

So head out this weekend and build a home for your new backyard guardians.