Aug 17, 2015

Build This: DIY Affordable Dining Table for Six

X-Table PB InspiredA few years ago my wife handed me a catalog and told me she "must have" the table inside. After I took a look at the design (and the price tag), I was inspired to build it myself.   While I love the style of Pottery Barn's furniture, it's never been in my budget to fill my house with their excellent products. But when my wife showed me the wide, welcoming table that would help us better entertain at our house, she was ready to make the purchase. Having just claimed the garage as my own, I was eager to make this myself. So despite my wife's doubt, I set out to make it.

At the time, I designed and built it inspired by the product page here. After plenty of work, here is what I now have in my dining room:My Dining Table

While it was a lot of fun to design the table, I've found a great link to a set of plans so you can build your own without the (multiple) mistakes I made. The guys over at Design Confidential have a full set of plans and plenty of steps to make the process as seamless as possible.

Take a look and let me know if you decide to build one yourself!


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David on Feb 19, 2016:

@Chris, sorry for the late response, must have missed the comment! I definitely wish I would have done a bit more with those cross-beam joints now that my skills have progressed a bit! I used home center lumber for the legs, and local lumber yard wood for the top after quite a bit of hunting around. Overall, the wood cost about $450, with the majority of it on the long wide top pieces.




David on Feb 19, 2016:

Hi @Brooks!  I used 2 coats Minwax Cherry Finish, and 1 coat Dark Mahogony. This gave it a nice reddish tint thta was muted enough to feel nice and rich. Then I put a layer of water based polyurethane over that.

Thanks for the question, and good luck! Reach out with any questions you've got!




Brooks on Feb 15, 2016:

David - this table looks fantastic and i'm looking to make one of my own.  Quick question - what did you use to finish this piece?  Is this wood stain and, if so, do you remember what kind/color you used?  thanks in advance for the help and nice work!

Chris on Aug 17, 2015:

Nice job, David! Your project looks great! (but I bet that now you wish you'd attempted those keyed tenons, too ;) ). Is yours just made from home center lumber? How much do you reckon you spent in materials?