How to: Build a Classic Wood-Handled Straight Razor from Scratch

Maker and designer Nick provides this awesomely detailed tutorial to create a custom, traditional straight razor from scratch. And by from scratch, we mean from. scratch. This build process includes everything from grinding shaping, and sharpening the blade, crafting the wood handle, and even creating custom hardware that allows the razor to pivot while staying balanced. 

Something of this quality would cost in the hundreds of dollars, so Nick decided he’d have a go at making his own. He says,

A couple of years back a neighbour of mine told me he had bought a cut-throat razor. At the time I was busy making knives so it sparked my interest…I asked to look at the razor and if he could tell me all he knew about it… The razor was quite nice. I marveled at its simplicity and beauty. I thought to myself I have to make one!

I joined a razor forum and asked a few questions but was met with basically ‘It’s not an easy road and involves a fair bit of research.’ I didn’t think it would be very hard to make one, so I came across a little arrogant in my response even though it was not my intent. ‘I don’t think it would be that hard to grind one!’ They knew a bit about razors, I did not…

But, he eventually figured everything out, and the results are simple and spectacular. 

You can read through the entire process at Nick’s Instructable, and watch more in the video below: