Aug 05, 2010

Craft Fail: A Total Family Knitmare

created at: 08/05/2010

Full length body suits are totally terrifying when worn by couples, but it turns out, when a family's involved, one only needs handmade yarn mask to induce nightmares.

Please, note the pie, the bowtie, and the matching white shirts. And we dare not guess what the daughter does in her spare time.    Yet, if you wanna make these, you totally can, as the fine folks at Anywho, I Digress have scanned and uploaded the original article from the Dec. '91 Issue of Threads magazine.

Read more at Anywho, I Digress [via BB]


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bruno on Aug 05, 2010:

I'm already having nightmares about this.

marleah on Aug 05, 2010:

Is that a pie?