Make This: DIY Downdraft Sanding Table

Downdraft BoxIf you work with wood, you know how hard it is to keep the saw dust and wood chips in the shop, and not all over the rest of your life. This downdraft table helps capture that dust and keep it where it belongs.   The struggle is constant. Every other tool has a great port that captures a big chunk of those pesky microscopic particles, but sanding just tends to get out of control. This DIY small and portable downdraft table is perfect for sanding small projects that kick off large clouds of dust, and the materials to make it are easy to get.Box in Progress

The plans can be easily scaled to match your shop needs, but the concept remains the same. Creating downward pressure keeps dust from escaping and you won’t have to get “that look” when there’s a fine layer of maple on top of the TV next time.

Take a look at the full steps here.