May 23, 2017

Amazing Storage and Organization Solutions for the Small Workshop

Space-Saving Shop Projects

I work in a tiny, leaky, antique shed. Workspace is a precious commodity that keeps getting taken up by scraps and in-progress pieces and just plain junk.    From time to time, I really need new ways to store stuff and I have referenced this webpage for more than one really great, "I can't believe I didn't think of that!" project.

Here's a few projects on the page:

Popular Woodoworking space-saving projects

The multi-layer pantry cabinet tool chest

Expanding Parts RackThe expanding wood and parts rack

space saving shop projects...and my favorite, the folding work table.

See all the projects (and some amazing dad jeans from 2009) over at Popular Woodworking.

If you need more details: I found an Archive.org PDF of the entire article that details all the projects with cut lists and more.


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Ron on Jul 07, 2015:

Hey! My PDF link strategy from the other tool storage rack translates to this one too!  I am hooked on better storage for similar reasons. Lots of tools, projects etc and not enough room! Love these ideas. Sliding peg board?!? Why didn't I think of that....