Design Inspiration: Wood As Art

Sonic Wooden headWhile most of the time I’m inspired by fine furniture and the skills needed to really make an heirloom piece, there are many other expressions of excellence that don’t fit that category. Here are a few unique pieces of wooden inspiration that keep me inspired to make.   I’m a fan of wood as a medium. It’s natural lines, organic feel, and versatility make it the ideal materials for building things. While a few of my pieces of shop-born furniture are what I would consider “nice”, nothing that comes out of my shop is art – yet. I’m still learning. Take a look at these unique pieces –

Wooden Bear Rug

1. This wood “rug” would be the constant source of stubbed toes, but I love how the artist turned an iconic piece into something new and completely unique.

Mario Wooden Sculpture

2. Super Mario Head – I know it’s a digital rendering, but that is an amazing sculpture that could be made from wood. The lines look so great with the wood grain cracking through from age. This is something I want to make for my mantle someday.

Wooden Band

3. These may not sound great, but the sheer volume of work necessary to make them is impressive. With an incredible attention to detail, the artist really was committed to making it something worth sharing.

What inspires you to become a better maker?