Build This: Rustic Garden Bollard Light

Marking the TopsAdding a bit of light to your outdoor environment makes it feel like a whole new space. Here’s a quick how-to on making a rustic garden bollard light to your outdoor space using some pallet wood and an old Mason Jar. I never seem to have enough light at night in my yard. Using some old solar powered lights worked for a season, they’ve faded to a dull glow this year. It seems like time to install a more permanent lighting feature to help me enjoy the summer nights.Materials Ready to Go

This project comes from a great forum called Handy Crowd, with plenty of innovative designs to work with. This rustic bollard project is a quick and easy to follow tutorial that uses a few pallet boards, mason jar, and a light/electrical pieces. Outdoor Lights

Something to keep in mind when working with outdoor electrical wiring – do it right. Check your local codes and look at some online tutorials like this one from Lowe’s.
 So take some time to light up that yard, and take some pictures of your upgraded night-scape to show it off to us!