Design Inspiration: The Art of the Camera

Pinhole CameraIt may look like some artistic centerpiece, or a European stereo piece, but it’s more than that, it’s the most beautiful pinhole camera you will ever see.   Most of my pieces come out of the shop more useful than beautiful. While I’m always happy to produce a piece that looks great, that isn’t generally where my mind begins. Here on the other hand is a piece designed by Kurt Mottweiller that just screams exceptional design from it’s core.Front of Medium Format Camera

The Pinhole camera has brass and aluminum features, a curved front, and professional-grade results that produce 6 by 9 format panoramic  shots with an almost 90 degree field of vision. Here’s a shot from the camera:Medium Format Pictures

While these cameras are no longer available due to the extreme cost that comes from making such a piece of artistic excellent, it’s always nice to see a dedication to form and function that far outweigh the pieces I have on my bench right now. Panoramic Camera Inside

Take some time this week to take a look at your own projects and see what can be done to make them as excellent as they are useful.