Design Inspiration: A Well Made Bike

Detroit Bicycle Company Copper AccentsCopper is a material that instantly upgrades just about anything. This exceptional copper plated bike is a great example of how a bit of humble bling can upscale that two-wheeled ride.   Detroit Bicycle Company makes bicycles that beg to be taken for a spin. Their dedication to vintage design, warm colors, and polished metals make their products something worthy of an art exhibit.Chromed Bike

I’ve always been a fan of the attention to detail that came with handmade goods a generation ago, and Detroit Bicycle Company still holds true to that standard.

Canfield Street bike

There are plenty of companies that are doing it right out there, take a bit of time today to look around and find one near you. Because we could all use a bit more quality in our lives.

created at: 06/25/2015

Detroit Bicycle Company