Aug 02, 2010

Things We Like: Masculine Wallpapers

Close your eyes. (Well, read this paragraph, then close your eyes) When I say the word, "wallpaper," what's the first thing that pops into your head?

Chances are, it's some intricately floral design, or some gawdy design from your grandparents house or the hallway of your first studio apartment. Which is too bad, really, cause the idea of a big, bold graphic pattern on your wall has lots of potential.

Thankfully, modern designers are using new tools like digital photography and computers with classic printing techniques to create a whole new generation of wallpaper, plenty of which have a fine masculine touch to them.

   Apartment Therapy has assembled a cool collection of masculine-ish wallpapers that will totally help you rethink the medium.

Masculine Wallpapers



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Austin Kocher on Aug 02, 2010:

Yeah, so I extremely love this. I have an aquantance that used pages from a dictionary to wallpaper a guest bedroom. I thought it was neat. Thanks for rescuing wallpaper from Martha Stewart, Mr. ManMadeMan.

Nancy Day-Achauer on Aug 02, 2010:

The first home I owned had "masculine" wallpaper that was supposed to look like wood, it was even textured.  It was on a very long wall that reached 14' at it's highest point.  Hideous, absolutely hideous.  I guess they went with it because it was likely cheaper than wood paneling (and thankfully easier to throw away once removed).