Jun 10, 2015

Make This: Vintage-Inspired Flip Top Desk

Flip-Top Desk

Keeping homework in one place is a constant battle with kids. Make this dedicated flip-top desk that looks good enough to share the adult space and hides all the school-related clutter out of sight.When my kids do homework, it tends to creep across every surface of my house. The tables, counter tops, and even floor have papers, pencils, and books that just make life hard to handle in our small space. This flip-top desk is designed for two, with separated spaces for each, and a clean rustic design that just looks great. Finished Desk

Since the desk above came from Restoration Hardware, it was much too expensive for Janice at Home DZine, so here is her DIY version with plenty of process pictures and directions on how to save some cash and get a great piece of functional furniture all at once. 

Making Pic

We vote to upgrade the hinges and hardware just a bit - this project deserves the nice stuff. Not too bad for a weekend and some inexpensive pine, eh?




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Tom on Jun 18, 2015:


Thanks for your help.



David on Jun 12, 2015:

Hi Tom, check the link above for a cut list on this project (it's in mm, so there will be some conversion needed). I completely understand getting into the world of projects and an uphill problem of laying out project measurements.  The problem with many pieces, is that they are custom fit to the space they're built for so I generally take an idea and build off of that.

Regarding the BBQ Cabinet, take a look at the comments for a quick cut-list I put together, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests on any projects, I'd love to help out!

Cheers, David

Tom on Jun 11, 2015:

Just found this site and am looking forward to building some of these things. I looked at a couple of the projects, Outdoor Bar-B-Que Table, but the problem is....I am a beginner in woodworking and would like to know why there is no "cut list" or dimentions for any of the projects, well at least the ones I quickly looked at. Can you not tailor these projects so that they could be built by individuals that are weekend woodworkers??

Thanks and looking forward to getting started.