Seriously Good Tips to Master Your Bandsaw

created at: 05/08/2015 Of all the “big” power tools, I think the bandsaw is my favorite. (I love you, too, router table.) It’s the most creative of the bunch, and one of the more versatile, and with its relatively low speed and thin blade, it’s among the least dangerous. 

Tuned up properly, it can make all kinds of cuts, and really bring your projects to life and out of the square and boxy. 

Jimmy DiResta’s series of tips-based videos are all excellent, but this most recent collection of bandsaw practices and ideas really just nails it. It’s definitely the only 20-minute YouTube video I’ve ever watched. 

There’s some cat business at the beginning (in which a puppet actually cuts stuff on the band saw, so that’s kinda cool), but the goods start about a minute in. One thing you’ll note in the video that Jimmy doesn’t mention – having a direct task light on your bandsaw table makes a world of difference. 

Check out the rest of Jimmy’s channel for lots of inspiration.