Apr 27, 2015

You Need to Watch: Mind of a Chef

I stumbled upon Mind of a Chef on PBS one saturday after my usual ritual of This Old House and Woodrights shop and completely fell in love. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend you add the first and second season to your Netflix list and binge watch the heck out of it.

Instead of the usual Food Network style cooking show where a chef presents the items he/she will cook that day, Mind of a Chef (MOAC) picks a topic and allows the chef to expound on it however they please. 

Whether it's Sean Brock (of Husk and McCrady's) making traditional southern chicken and dumplins with his mom:

or Chef David Chang turning Instant Ramen into gnocci, MOAC lets the chefs explore whatever they want.

As a full-time creative designer I absolutely love this show. It's a look into another side of a creative industry. Instead of photoshop and photography, there's food, pots, pans and a lot of bacon. It also teaches you to experience food as a creative experience, like a live concert or dance recital. This show has moved me from complaining on Yelp about a restaurant's tiny entrees to understanding that it's a dance, choreographed by an artist in an apron with an eye for delicious detail.

Here's a break down (with some highlight videos) from the last three seasons:

Season 1: Chef David Chang of Momofuku

Season 2 Part 1: Sean Brock (Husk Nashville, Husk Charleston, McCradys and Mineros)

Season 2 Part 2: Chef April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig)

Currently playing on PBS
Season 3 part 1: Chef Edward Lee (610 Magnolia)

Season 3 Part 2: Magnus Nilsson (Faviken)

I hope these videos wet your appetite enough to want to watch them all! I guarantee you'll love them.


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Anonymous on Jun 08, 2015:

I'm surprised that Sean (or his Mom) doesn't add celery and carrots to the chicken and water while boiling, to make a more flavorful stock.

Jacob Crim on Apr 28, 2015:

My girlfriend and I watched season one and loved it. This was before season two was on Netflix. We were going to Charleston for my birthday and reseraching restaurants to visit. Husk was on every list so we got a reservation. Then a few weeks later we saw season two and were SO excited that we were going to Husk because we were watching Sean Brock. Such a good show.

Matt H on Apr 28, 2015:

I totally agree! i stumbled upon it and was hooked as well.

Bruno on Apr 27, 2015:

Yum. Thanks for sharing this ... adding to my Thursday night viewing list!