Helveticookies – Modern Typography Cookie Cutters

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I simply prefer my typography-theme pastries to be grotesque and sans-serif.

From artist Beverly Hsu, these homebrewed aluminum and acrylic cookie cutters feature the twenty-six letters (and I hope an ampersand) of  Helvetica – the ubiquitous modern fontset invented by Max Miedinger in the 1950s and seen everywhere from the NYC public transit system to most bathroom signs.  

Recently featured on Boing Boing [via nod here], there seems to be quite a demand. Beverly responds “Hi there, thanks so much for all the blog-love and your interest in these Helvetica cookie cutters. For those who are wondering: yes! I am looking into making more cookies cutters to sell in the near future. I will update here when there’s more information. Cheers!”

Add me to the list, Beverly. Add me to the list. See ’em here.