Weekend Recipe: Homemade New York Steak Poutine

Steak PoutineLooking for something to make this Friday (or Tuesday) night special? If you haven’t experienced the delectable goodness that is steak poutine, stop everything and make it happen. This rich appetizer is the perfect finger food to get the party started.   I first tried steak poutine at an upscale restaurant in Salt Lake City. With a bottle of wine and great company, the poutine signaled the start of a great meal to come. This rich and filling appetizer is made with fries topped with rare steak, cheese curd, and a creamy gravy that seamlessly brought it all together.

When I saw this recipe, I immediately threw it onto the “must make” list for the next time we have friends over around the bonfire. While it can be a bit of work to get everything put together, I promise it’s worth the time. The recipe is very thorough and there are even a few related versions to look at as well. Take a look at the recipe and then find an excuse to make this exceptional appetizer.