Building a Bookshelf From a Single Sheet of Plywood

created at: 03/22/2015

Steve Ramsey's Woodworking For Mere Mortals is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Not only is he funny, he's honest. This is a great example of a simple idea and the challenges you face in the middle of a project.

The reason I love this DIY video is because it shows you some of the basics of box construction: dowel joinery, squared measurements, edge banding and finishing. And I love his honesty when he made the wrong size dowel jig and tried using a poly and stain combo finish (something I mentioned is a bad idea in a previous post!). It's certainly refreshing to know I'm not the only one that screws up a billion times while working on a new project!

Because this video presents such a basic plywood construction you can certainly steer away from a mid-century look with ease!