How to: Make a Silver Ring for 25 Cents

When my mom was a girl, her mother had a special drawer in her dresser that the kids weren't allowed to touch. One day they saw an ice cream truck come by and decided the root around the house for spare change. Lo and behold they found a magnificent stack of quarters in the secret drawer. They pilfered the lusty quarters, gorged themselves on ice cream, and were promptly grounded for weeks when they learned the “special quarters” were all made of silver…

In fact, all quarters used to be made of up to 90% silver, until 1965 when the US Treasury was forced to switch to nickel-covered copper as the price of silver exceed the face value of the quarter. So your first step in crafting a silver ring for cheap is to find a quarter minted 1964 or earlier. Step two, is to follow this Instructable from target022. There are faster ways to make silver rings from quarters (which is mentioned in the guide), but this is the classic way using the ol' spoon-tapping method. Also, just for those of you who are worried, it's totally legal.

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