Freshen Up: 3 Steps For a Better Date Night

Badger Hair BrushLooking like a scrub on the first date certainly won’t win you a second one. Take the time for a great first impression and you’re (almost) guaranteed a call-back.  And, even if you’re relationship is more “we’re already married” than first date, everyone benefits from a night out. Here’s how to do it, and some of our favorite products to get you there. Step 1: For heaven’s sake, take a shower – Yes, first impressions matter, and the days sweat is just going to be an uninvited third wheel on any good night out. It’s time to make sure the grime is gone before you zip up those chinos and head out on the town. Here are a few items to take into the stall:Fight Club Soap

1. Fight Club Soap – Get motivated for a great night by using a great soap. We’ve already broken rule number 1 by talking about it, now that you’re in go get your own bar so every shower is worth the fight.GL Shampoo

2. The “Best” Shampoo – Grooming Lounge has plenty of great products for staying clean, and one that I’ve always enjoyed is their “best” shampoo. It smells good without the chemical feel, gives hair a bit more body and finishes off with a tingle thanks to some peppermint in the mix. I’ve always avoided those over-scented products because I don’t want to smell like I dunked myself in a bucket of teenage boy body spray.

Step 2: Address your facial hair situation –  You might shave, you might not. But check your beard. If you’re clean shaven, a little rugged 5 o’clock shadow can actually help you look more handsome, but make sure that’s appropriate to the situation, and you clean up those weird hairs on your cheeks or below your Adam’s apple. If you’ve got a beard, whip out a set of trimmers to keep it under control. Here are a few classy products that will help with that:Harry's Shave Kit

1. Harry’s Shaving Service – I’ve been using these blades for almost 2 years now, and I love the service. 8 blades show up every other month so I always have a fresh one for the week. The handle is what originally caught my attention, solid classic look without unnecessary rubber or flashy colors. With hundreds of shaves it’s still solid and comfortable (and it looks great on the counter).

J.L. Lawson Shaving Brush2. J.L Lawson Badger Hair Brush – I love to use a badger hair brush for a smooth, clean, enjoyable shave. The hair heats up nicely, foams exceptionally well, and lays down a soft lather that leaves a baby-smooth face she’ll have to try hard to resist.  Made in Joshua Tree, Ca. J.L. Lawson’s hand-turned brass handle badger hair brushes are made to last for generations.

DIY Beard Oil

3. DIY Beard Oil – Finishing off with a clean beard oil keeps the skin from getting irritated and leaves a smooth, well scented face. This DIY beard oil from the Art of Manliness is the best way to get a custom smell and also know what you’re slathering on your mug.  

Step 3: Dress Like You Know What You’re Doing – Now that you’re all polished up, head over and take a look at how to get the best out of your wardrobe. ManMade Dress For a Date

Oh, and here’s my favorite unexpected date night tip: listen to music. Showering, shaving, and getting dressed. Play something you love, but haven’t heard in while. There’s no better way to make an evening feel special, and it’ll carry on to the rest of the night. Trust us, it works. 

Now get out there, and be yourself.