May 12, 2017

Weekend Project: How to Make a Ring from a Quarter

The coin ring is an internet DIY classic. I remember seeing an old video (on Makezine, perhaps?) on creating a nickle ring way back in the early days of the DIY and craft blogosphere. Like, 2006.

But, most tutorials simply harvest the coin as raw material, banging it and beating it until it looks like any piece of cool-colored metal. These pieces by Nicholas Heckaman, however, fully embrace the ring's origin, showing off that recognizable texture and type, giving the ring plenty of personality.      

My Modern Met has a full feature of Heckaman's process, and he's happy to share his techniques. A hole is drilled in the ring, and then it's heated with a simple blow torch so it's easy to work with.



It's then hammered out on a steel ring mandrel (about $10-15), and heat-hammer-repeat until the ring forms its final shape. After that, the whole thing is polished to reveal the detail from the original quarter. 


Cool, right? 

Here's a tutorial at Instructables that achieves similar results, so you can check the process: Double Sided Coin Ring

But, really, the technique here is available to all. I'm sure the key to great results is just practice, practice, practice. Very cool work, Nicholas. 

Visit The Ring Tree on Etsy to see all of Nicholas' work, and then check out Designer Drills Holes into Quarters, Turns Them into Rings on MyModernMet for more details into the process. 



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khotso on May 14, 2017:

wow just came across this website and saw the coin ring idea and i lost my mind completely... i think i might just stick around for other amazing ideas. shout out MANMADEDIY

Chris on Jan 04, 2016:

Hey Anon - Well, since you did bring it up, we looked into it. And I can't find a single use of the phrase "very unique" in this blog post. Can you let me know to what you're referring? 



Anonymous on Jan 04, 2016:

Sorry to be this guy but...  Please don't say "very unique".  Something is either unique or it isn't - there are no degrees of uniqueness.

That being said, this looks like a cool project!

pooch on Mar 24, 2015:

coin rings have been around for a long time, popularized most likely by sailors who had a lot of time on their hands. while I like the two sided look, I must say I do prefer the smooth finish of a well beat silver dollar.