Mar 18, 2015

Simple Carry is Best: Dissident One-Piece Leather Wallet

Leather WalletRussia once again proves that the toughest people live in the North. This one-piece leather wallet is simple, strong, and deserves to hold my hard-earned cash. . . or ruples.   This wallet from a Russian Company called Dissident is made from a single piece of 2.5mm leather with a simple design, clean lines, and just enough space to hold it all together in a minimalist package. While heading to Russia is likely not going to happen for me anytime soon, it is inspiring to see a single piece of material turned into such a useful piece of everyday gear.Dissident Wallet

When I decide to take the plunge into leather working, this will probably be right at the top of my list of things to make.Leather Wallet Template


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DLoke on Aug 13, 2017:

Seems like a nice simple project, I like it however my only concern is how many cards can you really fit in that? I carry about 4-5 cards and cash...

KtMac on Apr 13, 2015:

this would be easy to make with other materials too- denim, duct tape, canvas, etc.