How to: Make Your Own DIY Woolen Insoles

Cutting Out Boot InsolesThose winter boots not keeping you quite warm enough? Maybe it’s time to upgrade the insoles with a fresh set of thick woolen comfort.   I know I’m not alone out there on this, my feet get pretty cold when the weather turns frigid. Insulated boots are great most of the time, but every now and then it’s just not enough and my feet get frosted over enough to completely ruin the day. One of the largest loss of heat from your feet is through the bottom of the foot as it contacts the cold ground, so beefing up the insoles can make a huge difference in winter weather comfort.Upgraded Insoles

That’s what makes this DIY project such a great pick for a winter upgrade, take a nice thick piece of wool or felt and trim to fit your boots with a few quick steps. See the materials list and directions over at Maya Made for a perfect fit for your winter adventures.