Hey, ManMakers: We Should All Hang Out on Instagram

created at: 03/04/2015

Hi everyone – Chris here. I’m the founder, editor, etc, of ManMade, and here’s the deal: Lately, I’m really into Instagram. Yeah, yeah, I know. It took me awhile. I can be a bit of a late adopter with some of these things. I still don’t really care about many other (let’s have them go unnamed) social networks, but Instagram? That’s a good one.    

Any here’s why: It’s really the only network that’s still about creating content, and sharing the things that you’re up to. Most of the other one have become about sharing things that already exist – links to viral articles, products you want to buy, etc. But Instagram is all about creating an original image on the spot: here, this is what I’m doing, this is what I think is beautiful, this is how I see the world.

created at: 03/04/2015

And, I like that. It’s the thing I check when I’m waiting for the bus, or in line at the bank, or when I need some creative inspiration. And I’m looking for more people to interact with and follow on Instagram. So, let’s be friends there.

Like all of our social networks, we’re at ManMadeDIY. I post about the kinds of things I’m interested in: the creative process and a behind-the-scenes look at ManMade and our original projects, photos from my weekend trips and adventures in outdoor recreation, backpacking, and bicycling, and, you know, whatever I’m up to. That’s my “top nine” above. If you like that sort of thing, you should follow me. I promise to be a real person there. 

So, come say hi on Instagram, and I’ll say hi back, and we’ll check out each others photos and like ’em and comment on them and stuff. It’ll be fun. See you there.