How to: Bind Your Own Book

Perhaps you want to make your sweetheart a little something special. Perhaps you’ve got an idea that you want to share with the world in paper form. Perhaps you simply haven’t found the right notebook size and style. 

Then you, my friend, should learn how to bind your own book!   Leon and Megan from Detroit letterpress studio Salt & Cedar walk you through a simple folded design, which uses nothing more than some paper, a needle and thread, an awl, and some regular office supplies like scissors and a ruler. 

created at: 02/10/2015

Then what?

“A few ideas from Megan as to what to do with your finished pamphlet: ‘Present it to your partner or your friend as a gift, use it as a guest book in your home, or tuck it in your suitcase to use as a journal for your next trip.’ In a time when the screen often substitutes for the page, a book is a chance to connect physically with a story as a kind of treasured object – especially when it’s one of your own making. “

Make books, people. Make books. 

Bind Your Own Book [Kaufmann Mercantile Field Notes]