Free Download: Vintage-Inspired Printable Typographic Calendar for 2015

At this point, five weeks into the new year, your resolutions are set. You either embraced that new food or exercise plan, or you didn’t. You’ve kept up with your promise to save more or drink less or go to bed earlier, or you haven’t. And, to be fair, that’s okay. You know yourself best. As strange as it sounds, one of my resolutions for 2015 was to use more paper. Not because I like wasting paper (I don’t) or because I don’t understand that everything is digital nowadays. But, honestly, a lot of those things are too distracting to me. I like all the apps and such, but sometimes, I want everything in one place. And in this case – that one place I want things to be is my desk: to-do list, personal goal sheet, and, now, calendar.

I’ll still use Google calendar for dates and events and meetings etc, but I favor “week” view there, and I’d like to see the whole month at once to help with planning, editorial goals, and all the other high hopes I have for myself this year.

This is all a very longwinded way of saying: has this cool, vintage letterpress-inspired calendar you can download. It looks particularly stylish and rustic on a classic clipboard, and I’m gonna use it this year. You should too. 

Download: Printable 2015 Calendar []