How to: Travel the World With Just a 20lb Backpack

Backpack The WorldIf you’ve ever considered backpacking around the world, or are simply interested in economic travel-packing, then this post is for you.   

David Danzeiser recently spent a year wandering the globe from beyond the Article Circle in northern Norway to the rainswept islands of Indonesia to desert climates in Australia. His travails spanned numerous activities across a variety of climates, cultures, and terrains – and yet he did it all with his belongings packed into a single 26 liter backpack weighing 20 pounds. 

Danzeiser recently wrote an article for the Art of Manliness detailing the gear he took (and what he wishes he did and didn’t take) after extensive research, and unpacks his thinking process around the ideals of mobility, efficiency, and inconspicuousness. There’s some great wisdom in here, down to little things that might be common sense to some yet new to others, such as purchasing neutral clothing (browns, blacks, greys) to minimize standing out in a crowd or being targeted as someone with valuables on their person.

Backpacking The WorldIf you’re planning a big trip or merely curious about slimming down your daily gear, I highly recommend taking a look.