Dapper Up Your Workload: How to Make DIY Leather Folders

Stitching a Leather Folder

We all have a few files in the office that tend to stick around. For me there are a couple that I refer to almost daily and the folders tend to disintegrate much too often. This leather folder tutorial is a great project for those looking to class up their daily office routine.   I’m a fan of the simple projects that take our daily items into something more. There is a classic ease that comes from upgrading our office pieces with handmade goods instead of throwaway paper products. This tutorial from Design Sponge turns an ordinary piece of leather into a solid handmade folder that can be used over and over again.Finished Leather Folder

While the tutorial shows how to do a simple stitch to hold them together, there are plenty of other more complex and varied stitches to switch it up a bit and make it a bit more personal and embellished. Now get out there and make something you will be proud to carry about in your daily commuter bag.