How to: Make a Simple Wooden Puzzle Storage Box

This is a fun, basic storage box DIY project to stash some secret goodies, or to set on the coffee table for a solid conversation starter. The construction is surprisingly simple, with no fancy cuts involved, just accurate cuts and square corners.   Jimmy DiResta says, 

Many years ago, I found this idea in a magic shop. It was small and made of plastic. Recently, a friend asked if I could make a puzzle box, and this idea came to mind. I set out to make it on the table saw… To get [the best] result, I used the sled and a hold down on the jig. I used a few different woods to compare the end result; bamboo worked the best. A sharp blade and a good sled is the way to get a good result. Be careful on the table saw if you attempt this. Enjoy!

So, a table saw and crosscut sled, plus a little glue and tape. Go make a box!

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