The Process: Building a Custom Teardrop Trailer from Scratch

There’s something about a custom trailer that can’t be imitated by fiberglass and plastic. This inspiring look at a custom teardrop trailer build will have you looking for a spot in the shop big enough to make your own.   Teardrop Trailer

Years ago I used to cruise over to the coast to getaway and enjoy the ocean. During those trips I’d turn into a vagabond, living out of my car with the seats folded down and trunk popped. Every now and then I would enviously spy a sleek little teardrop trailer tucked into the sand with a million dollar view and a very well rested occupant, and I would dream of making my own one day. Teardrop Interior

While I still haven’t crafted my own trailer (and I’m not sure the whole family would fit in there anymore), I still love those teardrop trailers and this build is nothing short of inspiring to see from start to shiny finish. Inside of Teardrop Trailer

Now go take a look at the build and you may just be inspired enough to start your own. Be sure to send pictures, and don’t blame us if your spouse gets a bit confused as to why they have to park out there on the street while it happens.Finished Teardrop Trailer