Jan 27, 2015

6 Tasty Inforgraphics about Your Favorite Beverages

Mixology of Martinis

Who doesn't love information beautifully laid out into a colorful infographic? I've wrangled up some of the best charts regarding our favorite beverages of the adult kind for your viewing pleasure. Heck, you might even learn something!

First up is a lovely graphics on the types of Martinis (pictured above). See the full size image over at Pop Chart Labs.

Check out this chart that highlights all the extreme ingredients brewers have used in beer. Notice "Whole Pies"—Gonna have to try that one...

Extreme Ingredients in Beer


Here's a beautifully illustrated family tree of whiskey. I love how this one easily shows you the differences in the names. 

Whiskey Family Tree


Here's a rather large one called Beer 101. As the name suggests, it profiles every type of beer.

Types of Beer


I absolutely love this hand-illustrated how-to on making wine. Anyone up for the challenge?

How to Make Wine


And for the finale, a super-long graphic plotting out the profiles of 86 scotch whiskies.

whiskey flavor profiles infographic

Now, all I need is an infographic on how I can drink all of this without breaking the bank!



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Emili on Jul 31, 2020:

hpw i can to buy this poster?

Brianna Giovanetto on May 01, 2020:

Hello! We love the "tasty infographics about your favourite beverages" post! Do you know where we could buy the "Beer 101" poster? We've looked everywhere and can't find a site.
If you have a tip, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Jorge Guerrero on Jan 09, 2020:

Very interesting. Hope can learn from some of the pictures, and decorate with them.
Thank you very much