10 Common Laundry Mistakes Men Should Never Make

created at: 01/27/2015It’s important to invest in high-quality style staples that will last a long time, and be easy to wear in variety of settings. And! It’s just as important to take care of those staples properly, keeping them clean and stain-free, and storing each piece well, so its ready to go and wrinkle-free when the time is right.    Joe from Dappered offers “10 Common Laundry Mistakes Guys Make” with the idea, of course, that once you know ’em, you won’t do them.

created at: 01/27/2015

They range from proper machine use, sorting, folding and hanging, to the nature of dry cleaning and “washable” blazers (hint: they’re not). 

Check out the tips here, memorize, and go forth and launder (or not): 10 Common Laundry Mistakes Guys Make [Dappered.com]