This is the Insanity Burger. And Here’s How to Make It at Home

There are the traditional burgers – the griddle-cooked patties and toasted buns and standard fare toppings described in Jimmy Buffet songs. And then there are the pub burgers, the thicker brother, covered in everything from coleslaw and pulled pork to onion rings , cranberry sauce, and duck confit.    And then there’s the Insanity Burger, by chef Jamie Oliver, which, according to Maggie Mariolis, is the kind of recipe that turns our a “worth-a-try-even-if-you’re-sick-of-burgers burger.”

Thankfully, the insanity refers to the flavors (which, we presume, are insanely good) rather than the ambition of its construction and ingredients. Because, as least as we see it, the choices here are pretty standard – ground chuck, bacon, cheese, pickles, onion – just treated with a little finesse and technique that makes it worth trying at home. 

And, it doesn’t look too expensive, or difficult, so if you’re the type for whom that photo above make you want to get cooking, then get cooking. 

Read a review and get the full recipe at Serious Eats: Insanity Burger from ‘Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food’