Jan 26, 2010

Having Fun with Stop Signs

So...I'm pretty sure this is illegal in every state, but art is supposed to be edgy, and playing with imagery as recognizable as the most common of street signs is pretty effective. As the mind behind StopSignArt says "Because I have a digital camera and bandwidth, and Seattle has a lot of stop signs."

And whether you agree with the act or not, you can't help but be amused and challenged by this collection of stop sign additions assembled by DamnCoolPics.


See them all here.


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AntsNurPants on Feb 01, 2010:

Call it Protest Art!

AntsNurPants on Feb 01, 2010:

The $150 price tag is the REASON to do it! The sign was made in a prison, materials cost under $1.25, and the worker that goes out and installs it is making $18 an hour max..... we better start looking for the rest of that money so we can put into services.  New Ideas: STOP government overspending! STOP paying too much for STOP signs!

Chris on Jan 27, 2010:

Thanks for your thoughts, Jenn. What do others think about this take on 'art?'

Jenn on Jan 27, 2010:

You  know, there is a cost to this performance art that is paid by the public, in the form of replacing stop signs. It does cost some money to do that, probably not a lot, my uneducated guess is $150, but it's money I'd prefer go to services. If an artist deems the art is worth the cost, that's one thing, but disregarding the cost entirely by saying "Seattle has a lot of stop signs" - well that's just lame.