Oh My Gosh! A Dining Table that Turns into a Fort!

There’s something about men and special places…club and treehouses when we’re kids, cars and hangouts as teenagers, and garages, basements, studios, gyms, bars, etc as adults.

So, every guy can be touched by the nostalgic twinge (and by touched, I mean crazy excited) by the Daily Shelter – the dining table that, though seemingly innocuous during meal time, transitions into a fort, big enough for grown ups.

A fort! Like, ohmygoshthisthingisasfreakingcoolasthebatcave!  And there’s no bedsheets or sleeping bags required.“As far as transforming furniture goes, this table-turned-playhouse by Ingrid Brandth is nothing short of spectacular. (Watch the video below the fold if you don’t believe us.) An ordinary-looking kitchen table at first glance, the Daily Shelter can be converted into a tiny house in seconds by pulling down hidden panels to form walls and then raising the roof (literally!) by pushing up the table surface. Camped inside, a child can “hide from scary sounds, ghosts, or family members,” says Brandth, who adds that the playhouse imparts the same sense of security that a snail feels in its own shell.” 

Watch the video!

Inhabitots [Via Dornob]