How to: Make a Simple Wallet from a Coffee Bag

Coffee WalletLast night I was in a conversation with some friends about wallets because we all remembered being in junior high, and the duct tape wallet was a pretty big fad… for eighth graders. None of us had the time, cash, or skills (most likely) to create awesome leather wallets like we might have liked, but I always was a fan of the DIY ethos, especially when it comes to such a personal item I tend to use everyday.   Coffee WalletI decided to look up if anyone was still making wallets out of cool, random things and (duh) there were some impressive ideas out there. Being the avid coffee drinker that I am, I was pretty taken by this design from katmckee on Simple, cost efficient, and easy to make; it could make an easy and thoughtful gift. 

Coffee Wallet